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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Desert Data Recovery are Certified Data Recovery Professionals and we specialize in recovering data from failed External Hard Drives. Recovery...

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Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop hard drives have a much higher failure rate than desktop drives, with an average lifespan around 3 years.  This...

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SD and CF Card Data Recovery

As Certified Data Recovery Professionals we can recover data from physically damaged SD and CF Cards, cards with deleted data...

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Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

The History Behind Flash Memory: As technology advances, so does the make up of hard drives, however it may surprise...

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Free Pick Up Service

We realize that it may not be possible for you to deliver your device to our lab here in Phoenix,...

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drives can fail for a number of reasons, both logical and mechanical, so the first stage in any data...

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Raid Data Recovery

RAID arrays can present some of the most complex problems in data recovery. You should choose your data recovery company carefully. THE most important...

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Flash Drive Data Recovery

As Certified Data Recovery Professionals we can recover data from all types of flash media. This includes deleted or corrupt...

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Cell Phone Data Recovery Services

Cell phone data recovery is a critical area of data recovery as today’s smart phones are capable of storing more...

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Chip Off Flash Drive Recoveries

Flash media such as Thumb Drives and SD Cards commonly have controller chip failure. We have the ability to remove memory chips from the device, mimic how the controller chip works and recover the data that way.

Class 10 Cleanroom

The read-write heads within a hard drive travel just 3 millionths of an inch over the platter surface which is less than the diameter of a smoke particle. Desert Data Recovery have a Class 10 Cleanroom on site for all recoveries that require a near dust-free environment.

Local Services

Desert Data Recovery is based in Phoenix and all of our recoveries are completed locally here in our lab.From evaluation through to recovery of your critical files, your data doesn’t leave our office.

Free 24 Hour Evaluation of all Media

Our turnaround time for an evaluation is less than 24 hours, in fact, most of our evaluations are typically completed within 2-4 hours. Should we need to order parts to fully evaluate the media, we’ll let you know of any delay.

Proud of our reviews

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I needed four photo ScanDisk cards checked to recover files after I had reformatted the cards. They responded immediately to my request and had the cards back to me the following day. I would definitely use them again if the need arises.

Bonnie W – Phoenix

Desert data was VERY helpful and recovered all my data when my hard drive failed. The pricing is great for what they do.

James W – Phoenix

Very pleased with Desert Data Recovery. Very professional, fast and easy to work with pricing is great. Will use again when the need arises.

Chris C – Phoenix

Tim did a great job recovering our Store’s data. He was persistent in finding the files we needed, was responsive and great to work with! Thank you Desert Data Recovery!!

Gina H – Phoenix