When looking at data recovery pricing, one needs to consider that Desert Data Recovery is a Certified Data Recovery Professional, SEC606 Certified data recovery company with a Class 10 Clean Room and all work is completed in our fully equipped office in Phoenix. Both large corporations and consumers put their trust in us for their data recovery needs. We also work with local IT companies and Computer Stores to recover their clients’ critical data.

We offer a FREE 24 HOUR EVALUATION of your media, so that you know exactly how much it will cost to recover your data before committing to the recovery. Our data recovery prices are detailed below and they’re covered by our NO DATA, NO FEE Guarantee, so if for any reason we’re unable to recover your critical data, you don’t pay any recovery fee.  Contact us for more information.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Pricing

Logical Recovery Prices

Recovering data using specialist software and hardware

Type of Failure
Up to 3TB HDD4TB to 8TB HDDOver 8TB HDD
Circuit Board FailureFrom $195From $195Must Quote
Reformatted File System$295$395Must Quote
File System Corruption$295$395Must Quote
Bad Sectors$495$595Must Quote
Firmware Corruption$495$595Must Quote

Mechanical Recovery Prices

Recoveries requiring Clean Room work to replace damaged mechanical parts prior to recovering the data

Clean Room ServicesCost
Up to 3TB HDD$995
4TB HDD$1095
5TB HDD$1195
6TB HDD$1295
Over 6TB HDDMust Quote

Hard drives that have been opened previously or that we deem to be unrecoverable due to physical damage may be subject to an attempt fee.

Flash Media Data Recovery Pricing


Removable Media – Flash Drives & SD Cards

There are so many types and sizes of removable media that it would be impossible to give exact pricing for each, so here is a list of the typical price you should expect to pay.

Removable Media Up to 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB to 256GBOver 256GB
Connector / Circuit Board Damage $195$195$195$195$195Must quote
"Chip Off" Recovery $295$295$395$495$595Must quote
Monolith Recovery$495$495$495$595$695Must quote

If you are unsure which type of media you have, bring it in for our free evaluation.


SSD Data Recovery Pricing


Solid State Drive Recovery

Recovery ServiceAny size SSD
SSD Recovery$495 to $1295

RAID Array Data Recovery Pricing


The cost for RAID recovery depends on a number of factors including the number and size of drives in the RAID array, as well as the complexity of the setup. The typical recovery cost starts at $500 per drive for drives up to 3TB and $750 per drive for 4TB drives, and depends on whether the recovery is logical or mechanical. All RAID recovery cases are quoted on a case by case basis.

Number of Drives Typical Recovery Cost
(Drives up to 3TB)
Typical Recovery Cost
(4TB Drives)
Drives over 4TB
3From $1500
From $2250Must quote
4From $2000
From $3000Must quote
5From $2500
From $3750Must quote
6From $3000From $4500Must quote
8From $4000From $6000Must quote

Certain RAID types (e.g. EqualLogic, NetApp) may cost more due to the complexity of the setup.


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