What Are The Signs and Prevention of Hard Drive Failure?

Posted by Desert Data Recovery 04 August 2017

For any computer user, especially those individuals who create and manage the vast majority of their work on a computer, a hard drive failure is to be avoided...

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Learn How to Wipe a Hard Drive Clean

Posted by Desert Data Recovery 18 July 2017

You think you deleted the information on your hard drive. But, without taking the proper steps, the information you thought was erased can easily be recovered. Wipe your...

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Missing Photos? Try SD Card Data Recovery

Posted by Desert Data Recovery 07 July 2017

Missing photos is a terrible feeling. You have the memories but you have no visual representation of the great times you were having when the photos were taken....

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Data Encryption Guide

Posted by Desert Data Recovery 27 June 2017

In a day and age when data is king, it is now more important than ever to protect each and every piece of information we create. Data makes...

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How to Recover Those Deleted Messages on Your iPhone

Posted by Desert Data Recovery 09 June 2017

As more precious memories and valuable information are being sent through text message these days, it is important to know how to recover deleted messages from your iPhone....

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How to Partition Your Mac’s Hard Drive

Posted by Desert Data Recovery 12 May 2017

Your Mac computer comes with a SSD or a Solid State Drive of a fixed memory. Modern Macs already have a hidden partition that houses the OS backup...

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