Certified Data Recovery Professionals in Arizona

If you have (or think you have) a failed/failing hard drive, first and foremost:
  • ​Turn off your desktop immediately – continued operation can cause greater damage
  • Do not turn your computer off and on again hoping it will fix itself
  • Do not install or re-install any software or hardware
  • Do not take it apart, open or attempt to clean a damaged drive
  • Do not use DIY recovery software to repair a damaged drive, especially if it’s making noises
  • Do not try to turn on, clean or dry a wet or muddy drive, call for help
  • Do not try to operate a visibly damaged hard drive. Allow the experts to help you out.

Desert Data Recovery is a professional and certified data recovery company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Data recovery is all we do!

Hard drives fail for a number of reasons, both logical and mechanical, so the first stage in any hard drive data recovery process is to diagnose the problem. We offer a FREE evaluation which usually takes less than 24 hours, we can then give you a quote for recovery and an estimate of how long the recovery is likely to take. The price will depend on the type of recovery needed – Logical Recovery (recovery by using specialized data recovery hardware and software) or Physical Recovery (also known as a Clean Room Recovery or Mechanical Recovery).  We’ll tell you straight and all of our work comes with our “No Data – No Fee” Guarantee.

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • SD & CF Card Data Recovery
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery
  • Apple Mac Data Recovery
  • Cell Phone Data Recovery

What makes Desert Data Recovery better?

At Desert Data Recovery we are focused on providing data recovery services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. Please make sure that when you choose a local data recovery company they are actually based in Phoenix. Some data recovery companies just offer a ‘drop off’ location and your drive and valuable information may be sent to another state.

  • Our data recovery guarantee – No Data, No Recovery Fee
  • We use the most advanced data recovery techniques and equipment available.
  • We have our own on-site Class 10 cleanroom enabling as fast a turnaround time as possible in the case of mechanical failure.
  • Highly trained professional team of data recovery experts
  • Quick and efficient local service
  • Free evaluations and diagnostics of your media
  • Emergency and Expedited service available
  • Free pick-up service in the Greater-Phoenix area for business clients

Get Your Data Back!

With our FREE Evaluations and our "No Data - No Recovery Fee" Guarantee, we're here to get your data back!
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